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Electrical installations and locksmithery Zigrad, Ltd.

Efenkova cesta 61
3320 Velenje, Slovenia

Phone: +386 3 897 06 22
Fax: + 386 3 897 06 23

electric installations and locksmithery

Electro installations

We complete all electro installation works in accordance with the project documentation. For our customers we either prepare a proposal with regard to their request or offer them a complete project solution. After we have finished our work we also perform all necessary measurements and prepare the documentation required to take over the building.

The work in the field of electro installations is performed by the logistics section of our firm, which provides all required documentations, and purchases, supplies and delivers the materials to the building site.

With regard to the type of work that is to be carried out we purchase and arrange all necessary equipment (tools, machinery, instruments etc.) and protective devices, which enable an undisturbed and enhanced working performance.

Technical manager of an individual project makes sure that an optimal number of superintendents and workers are operating on a building thus making sure that the project is finished within a fixed time limit and that it reaches a necessary quality level.

Our purpose is to finish individual working stages thoroughly. Therefore we are also perfectly consistent in holding on to time limits and plans regardless of the field of work. We also follow the coordination and make sure that the investor regularly receives up-to-date feedback. All these are the principal components of our work, which enable us to avoid any problems or difficulties when handing a finished project over.


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